What is a naming ceremony?

Introducing a new member to the family is a great time for celebration. It is important that families have a way to celebrate this gift in a way that best suits them. There are several religious ceremonies available, however the service I offer is an alternative for people who are not religious or who simply want a celebration that is relaxed, personal and free from any denomination.  Naming ceremonies can be held wherever and whenever you wish, such as a beach, hotel, your own garden or a special place that means something to you all. The ceremony can be very informal and relaxed or more structured and above all can be personalised to the family to ensure everyone you want to involve feels part of your celebration. 


How does it work?

There are no set rules for this ceremony, this is a lovely way of introducing your new arrival to family and friends. I work with the families to ensure it is as personal and as reflective of your wishes as possible. You can include children, grandparents and friends in the ceremony and it is a lovely way to formally appoint who you have chosen as the ‘Godparents’ or personal mentors of your child. I will work with you to ensure your ceremony suits you and your needs, you are free to add music, poetry, readings to help celebrate. I also have a large catalogue of materials I will make available to you if you are not sure where to start.